Abbotsford Chiropractor

Are you looking for an experienced Abbotsford chiropractor who can provide a range of excellent wellness treatments and programs? At Richmond Health & Wellness, we boast a team of highly trained and experienced specialists who are fully capable of relieving pain, increasing performance and optimising health without the use of drugs.

Our chiropractic office uses effective techniques to help people of all ages who suffer from a wide spectrum of health issues. 

Whether you want myotherapy near Abbotsford to address muscle dysfunction or remedial massage near Abbotsford that can accelerate recovery, we’re confident that you’ll feel happier and healthier once we’re done.

Our points of difference

Richmond Health & Wellness has earned a reputation for being a leading choice for chiropractic treatments and massage near Abbotsford. Our points of difference that separate us from the competition include:

  • Over half a decade of experience
  • An integral part of the local community
  • Excellent health and wellness results
  • Assisting both individuals and families
  • A commitment to the highest standard of care
  • Up-to-date training and knowledge
  • A friendly, helpful and trustworthy attitude
  • A comfortable and welcoming environment